New Site, New Work

Hello there!

Welcome to my newly restocked site! Seeing as how I’ve been working full time for Craftsy as well as freelancing whenever time allows, I haven’t had much time to keep things up to date! 

Speaking of Craftsy, we just launched our cooking merchandising category a few weeks ago and wanted to share some of the best shots. I’m really excited that we are now selling things I might actually buy (yarn skeins and fabric aren’t really my thing.) The food was all made by the wonderful Samm Sherman and we tackled the styling together. 

For our launch, we wanted to focus on 6 concepts to start: taco night, pasta date night, afternoon sweets/tea, family pizza night, homemade Chinese takeout, and a bread bake-a-thon. 

These were by far the most intricate lay down shots I have ever attempted and I think we nailed it!